Kimberly Legg


Kaitlyn Murray/Co-Creator/Producer


Kimberly grew up in the small unincorporated area of San Mateo County known as Ladera. After high school, Kimberly attended UCLA, graduating this past year with a Bachelor's degree in Musicology. She is an avid musician, classically trained in piano and voice. She also plays jazz trombone, clarinet, and saxophone. Kimberly played in both the Big Band and Latin Jazz ensembles at UCLA and has also sung in the UCLA Chorale under the direction of Donald Neuen for the past few years.

After graduating from UCLA, Kimberly decided to focus her time on her main passion: acting. In addition to studying with the Groundlings, she has starred in local plays and student films. She met Nate in March and soon after WORKSHOP was born. Kimberly would like to thank her dad for being the best daddy ever and inspiring her with the music and films of his generation. She would also like to thank her sister Marion for always being there for her as well as her mom and the rest of her family and friends. Oh and Zack... for making the website and being a silly head, yada yada yada. Kimberly is so pleased to have worked with such a great cast and crew on "WORKSHOP" and looks forward to even more fun and shenanigans!

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